The opening of the dollar and the euro EUR / USD session this week and the signals derived in the circulation of dollar prices

Fed policy versus President Trump's policy
Dollar Price Analysis - Daily Chart
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The direction of the levels of US inflation and its impact on the US Central
In March, US jobs returned to growth after a marked drop in data for the previous month, with better-than-expected data reaching 196,000 jobs, but average wages fell from 3.4% to 3.2% and unemployment stood at 3.8%
With the approach of full employment in the United States and the continued growth in the number of jobs, there was competition between employers to recruit competencies and their tendency to raise wages pushed up to 3.4% last month on the one hand, and with the continued high oil prices and close last week $ 70 a barrel for the first time in nearly five months on the other hand, these factors contribute to the return of US inflation levels to rise again, but not to the extent of the US central bank to raise interest rates, but is likely to keep the current prices without But at the same time to exclude a reduction order at the present time
Which may not appeal to President Trump, who believes that the Federal Reserve steps to reduce interest rates and end the quantitative tightening program is insufficient, and calls for further steps in the direction of facilitating the monetary policy of the US Central, and next Wednesday, the US inflation levels for March, The Federal Reserve session will provide more clarity on the views and trends of US fiscal policymakers
Dollar prices against major currencies
EUR / USD: The pair continued to decline and closed last week close to the closing levels of the previous week at 1.1215 (21-month lows) to continue testing the lower leg of the bearish triangle, and achieved and opened this week at levels 1.1219
USD / JPY: The pair rose for the second week in a row to test the 111.72 level and close it, gaining 0.7% from the opening price of the week, and opened this week's trading at 111.71, what are the signs of the continuation of the rise and what is the cancellation signal? Read more in an article: What is the impact of the strength of the dollar prices on the markets with the analysis of the dollar against the yen
GBP / USD: The pair continues to show signs of anticipation for the UK exit from the European Union and the tug of war in the British Parliament. The markets are waiting for the European summit to be held on the 10th of this month. At the end of June. The pair closed at the close of last week's close of the previous week's closing at 1.3036


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