Sterling rises 1.3% against the dollar as the May meeting

The British pound rose against the greenback on Thursday as the results of Prime Minister Thierry Mae's talks with European leaders to discuss the postponement of the break-out of the BRICCET.

The May has announced last week that it will formally ask the European Union to postpone the departure of the country from the bloc beyond the twelfth of April.

Mae will meet French President Emmanuel Macaron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel to discuss a deal between Europe and Britain that will be passed without hindrances in parliament.

This came after the failure of the talks "May" and the leader of the opposition Labor Party, "Jeremy Corbin" last week on the formulation of an alternative plan to get out of the European Union after the rejection of the agreement through the British Parliament three times.

During today's trading, the British pound rose against the US dollar by 18:31 GMT by 0.2% to 1.3066, recording a high of 1.3075 and a low of 1.3033.


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