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The best licensed and reliable forex companies - we will save you the trouble of searching and inquiring about the best brokerage firms for trading foreign currencies (Forex), there is no need to ask questions in specialized forums or ask for advice paid or even hesitation and doubt the credibility of the financial intermediary who will invest your money through, We know that the large number of online forex companies or their ads on the websites have made a lot of people confused about the ability of these companies to maintain their financial and legal rights when opening their trading accounts. Fraud of these fictitious companies or with weak regulatory licenses that are unable to protect the investor or the trader.

How-to-find-trusted-forex-broker-reviews We have created a short list of the best and most trusted Forex companies in the world, especially those in the Gulf countries and the Middle East. The advantages and advantages offered by the brokerage firms to trade foreign currencies, contracts, commodities, oil, precious metals and international stocks, so we have traded hundreds of companies to get a short list containing the best and safest ever in the world of forex companies, and now you may wonder how these companies were chosen to be the best Authorized, reliable, reliable and trustworthy Forex brokers?
Over the past few years, ADSS has been very confident of Arab customers, especially in the GCC countries, because of their strong position and confidence for all traders. The Emirates Securities and Exchange Commission (ADS) ) Is one of the few international companies with very strong confidence and credibility due to its strong licensing. It is a licensed company of the Central Bank of the UAE and regulated by the Abu Dhabi Securities Commission and operates through its offices in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

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ADSS (Emirates) Company
One of the best Forex companies ever licensed by the UAE Central Bank and headquartered in Abu Dhabi, UAE. It operates with a capital of more than $ 500 million. It has become well known in the Arab world, especially in the Gulf countries for its great reliability and reputation in the Tadawul market. Forex Forex

(FCA) United Kingdom - Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFC)
 Minimum deposit: No minimum
 Platform Type: MetaTrader 4 - Orex Optim
 Maximum leverage (margin): 1: 400
 Islamic Accounts: Available
 Additional Features: The possibility to open 3 types of accounts depending on the client's capital, daily market analysis, a distinct and easy customer portal
 Products available: Foreign exchange - Precious metals - CFDs - Indices and stocks
 Rating: 10/10

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Why ADS-Securities is the safest and most reliable?
ADS Securities is the most reliable and safe trading company in the Arab world. It is the leader in the field of safe trading. It is the best licensed and reliable Forex company. It carries the Arab and international licenses that make it a leading brokerage company. FOREX, there are many reasons why the company is in the vanguard and has the number 1 ever and highest rating:

1- ADS Securities is an Arab-Emirati company wholly managed through its offices in Abu Dhabi Emirate, with a professional and responsible Arab staff who is aware of the latest developments in the market and technological developments.

2. ADS Securities has the highest licensing standards because it is licensed and regulated by the UAE Central Bank and the Securities Commission of Dubai, as well as the United Kingdom License (FAC) and other reliable international licenses in Hong Kong and Singapore.

3 - The company's capital is more than $ 2 billion, making it a very high capital in the market to guarantee the money and rights of customers around the world.

4- Excellent technical support through telephone, e-mail and communication means by Arab team of characters and a trainer who provides all services and guidance to the customer anywhere.

Forex company licensed in the UAE and Saudi Arabia

5- Fast execution of high transactions and accuracy in financial transactions and a great speed in ending withdrawals and deposits to and from trading accounts.

6 - Provide a lot of trading tools, training and education through the company and explanations of video and daily market reports, to help the investor, whether a beginner or professional in the field of Forex.

7. ADS Securities trading platform offers all major and minor currency pairs with the possibility of trading contracts, oil, metals and currencies such as Betcquin, and through the platform of the famous and efficient.

8 - The possibility of trading with a high margin (margin) up to 1: 400, or 4 times the available capital, and provide several types of accounts suitable for all investors.

9- ADS Securities provides the possibility of opening an Islamic Forex account free of additional charges and commissions in accordance with Islamic Sharia.

10. Spread spreads are simple for most major currency pairs, CFDs and indices.

All of these reasons make ADS Securities the best Forex company ever licensed

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Forex company licensed in the UAE and Saudi Arabia

How does a licensed and reliable Forex company distinguish from a company?
In fact, there are several key factors within a wide range of other factors that govern the assessment of Forex companies, but these fundamental factors can never be neglected in any way, so that a licensed, secured and reliable Forex company must possess the following attributes:

1 - Licenses of the global regulatory bodies: There are many types of licenses and donors to them around the world but a very small number of these licenses are reliable and guarantee all the rights of the investor in the company subject to them, as follows: British license in the UK FCA - Australian license ASIC - United States CFTC and NFA - Japanese license FSA and licenses of banks and central banks in Arab countries such as the license of the UAE Central Bank or the Dubai Financial Services Authority or the Banque du Liban. These licenses are all reliable global licenses and guarantee you all your financial and legal rights.

2 - Valuation of companies: Here we mention the assessment of the competent regulators in the field of Forex and also assessments of investors and traders who tried and deposited their money in trading companies, companies that get the highest ratings will indeed be the safest and most reliable companies.

3- Financial accuracy: The accuracy of the financial means the accuracy and speed of implementation of any financial transaction through the trading company, from the process of depositing funds to the speed and accuracy of the implementation of contracts and transactions to


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